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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is studying in a BC Offshore School an advantage for students in China?

A: Students are immersed in a complete English language environment prior to enrolling in a post-secondary institution. This helps students especially Chinese students to adapt to western teaching methodologies. Sino Bright School students adapt quickly to the university environment because they are familiar with the assessment and teaching activities of their foreign teachers.

Will my child be able to adapt to the BC classroom in China?

A: Students are given an entrance examination prior to entering the Graduation program. Students are placed according to their results and students are given a personalized timetable. The beginning of the graduation program at Sino Bright School place an emphasis on the strengths of the students. At Sino Bright, we build confidence in language learning before heading into more advanced concepts.

How will I know how to apply for universities and colleges when my child graduates with Sino Bright School?

A: Sino Bright School has a dedicated Student Services Department to tend to the needs of academic counseling. Our academic advisors are bilingual and are able to support the student through the visa and application process. We have had many graduating students and many of our new graduates find previous graduates at the university they are going to! On site, our foreign staff will also be able to support with learning about different schools and university representatives visit our schools annually.

A unique High School for Offshore Student with Professional Guardianship Structure and Responsibilities
Many international students, their families and newly immigrants are unaware of the differences between a Chinese and Western educational program. This can cause parents and students to experience frustration and confusion when they are faced with making educational decisions for their child without a proper understanding of the graduation program offered.   In order to help current and prospective students and their families with making the right educational decisions regarding their educational future and careers, Sino Bright School is offering a unique school setting for interna...
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