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School Background
Sino Bright School offers a quality educational program in China to meet the needs of chinese and international students. It is the offshore school program of the British Columbia,Canada.
Our program consists of Grades K-12 with hopes of preparing our students for North American colleges and universities. Through our graduation program and the successful completion of credit-based courses, students will be able to obtain Dogwood Diploma for their future possibilities!
Through the collaboration of both school offices in Beijing and Vancouver, students and their families are given a high level of care and support to ensure a safe, caring and smooth transition into the local community. Our program is designed to help ease parent worries about their child’s academic and social progress especially with the pressures of studying abroad.
Sino Bright School offers students freedom of choice regarding their campus location in China or Vancouver. BC. This freedom of choice gives students and their families an option to maintain a consistent educational program while providing the geographical advantages of each country. As a Sino Bright School student, families are given guidance, support and advice regarding both their child’s academic but social progress as well.
Under the guidance of our BC Certified Teachers, students are exposed to a variety of learning activities and strategies. British Columbia’s curriculum is one of the best educational programs offered with a focus on student-centered learning and the ability to produce lifelong, creative, cooperative and independent learners. The Graduation Program consists of a wide selection of required courses and electives that gives our students a well-balanced educational program. With a safe and caring learning community Our campus is recognized as a reputable school for years both locally and internationally
A unique High School for Offshore Student with Professional Guardianship Structure and Responsibilities
Many international students, their families and newly immigrants are unaware of the differences between a Chinese and Western educational program. This can cause parents and students to experience frustration and confusion when they are faced with making educational decisions for their child without a proper understanding of the graduation program offered.   In order to help current and prospective students and their families with making the right educational decisions regarding their educational future and careers, Sino Bright School is offering a unique school setting for interna...
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