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Course name £º DESCRIPTION OF COURSES detailed introduction>>
Course description £º Graduation Program An overview of the British Columbia Graduation Program, in which Sino Bright students are introduced to Focus Areas and the Graduation Transitions. Focus Areas are frameworks to help students organize their Graduation Program learning, to research post-secondary education and training options, and to explore career pathways. It is a required component for successful completion of the Graduation Program. Four of the eighty credits needed for graduation come from the Graduation Transitions. Sino Bright students start working on their Graduation Transitions during Planning 10 and continue through to Grade 12.
Course name £º Mathematics and Sciences detailed introduction>>
Course description £º Mathematics The Math Department will provide Sino Bright students with a curriculum that helps them to become mathematically literate in an English language instructional mode. Sciences The Science program is designed to develop scientifically literate students, with a positive attitude towards the study of science. The development of each Sino Bright student¡¯s ability to think critically about scientific concepts in the English language is of paramount importance. Students&ddian; final grade will be calculated from a combination of their marks for each of the units that they study during the year. Each unit is weighted according to the portion of the course spent studying that topic.
Course name £º English and Social Studies detailed introduction>>
Course description £º English English courses are designed to build our students¡¯ skills in reading critically, writing effectively and speaking fluently in the English language. The English courses also focus on an appreciation of English literature and the spoken word. These are skills, which will prepare Sino Bright students to cope in English, as well as in Chinese, in an information rich world. Social Studies The Social Studies program is designed to ensure that all students will meet with success in their pursuit of reaching the provincially mandated learning outcomes particular to the British Columbia Social Studies curricula. These include the Sino Bright students knowing and understanding the historical, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental factors affecting Canada and Canadians, as well as the diverse patterns of human activity in the world. Learning to think critically and make reasoned judgments, as an individual maintaining rights and responsibilities in a society will also be goals for students in the Social Studies program.
Course name £º Physical Education /Business Education detailed introduction>>
Course description £º Physical Education / Business Education (Applied Skills) / Mandarin 10-12
A unique High School for Offshore Student with Professional Guardianship Structure and Responsibilities
Many international students, their families and newly immigrants are unaware of the differences between a Chinese and Western educational program. This can cause parents and students to experience frustration and confusion when they are faced with making educational decisions for their child without a proper understanding of the graduation program offered.   In order to help current and prospective students and their families with making the right educational decisions regarding their educational future and careers, Sino Bright School is offering a unique school setting for interna...
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