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3. Goals

A positive, responsive, and respectful school culture does not happen in isolation but arises as all teaching and adminsitrative staff focus on achieving goals in a thoughtful and meaningful manner:

Continue Reaching out to International Students

International students often come to Canada from another country to pursue their secondary school needs. They often come to BC because the BC school system provides a world-class education. We need to focus on providing a positive educational experience for our international students seeking courses so that many will consider BC as a potential destination as legal Canadian citizens for their future education.

To Be More Responsive to the Needs of Our Students

The philosophy of education has always been to provide a student-centred education. While our positive growth in both numbers of students and successful completion rates within the courses affirms that SBS is indeed focused on the needs of the student, SBS needs to ensure that this priority remains in focus as we broaden our reach for a wider number of students.


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3. Goals
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